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    4:34 PM

    Mr.Dudyshev, the inventor, together with his colleges have developed and tested the fuel saving device Vortex Mixture Former for injection systems. This device has a simple design and can save the fuel and improve dynamic parameters of a vehicle. Due to increase in mixture burning completeness a series of exhaust parameters improve as well. For example, environmental pollution decreases significantly. It now becomes easy to achieve Euro 5 and even Euro 6 emission requirements. Thus usage of platinum-palladium catalyzer in a vehicle is no longer necessary.


    This article represents various designs of vortex gas-air mixture formers used in injection systems and discusses their principles of operation to improve a series of vehicle internal combustion engine parameters such as dynamic characteristics, fuel economy and environmental pollution level. Earlier the author has already reviewed problems of car transportation industry and discussed the necessity of such device from all points of views (earlier articles /1, 2/). In this article we give technical specifications and our test results.
    Experiments have shown that supplying additional portion of air tangentially in the area between the inlet valve and the injector results in significant improvement of gaz-air mixture parameters and enable to achieve all the earlier set goals.
    If device is designed properly fuel consumption can be reduced up to 20-30%. The dynamic speed up parameters increase by the same amount and emission reduces in times.
    Where the vortex mixture former is installed?
    The location of vortex mixture former in the inlet of the engine can be seen on fig.1


    1 - Inlet; 2 - Injector 3; – The head of the engine; 4 – Inlet valve; 5 – Vortex mixture former; 6 – Internal air channel of the mixture former; 7 – The working area of the vortex.

    The critics of the existing system of gas-air mixture preparation in a serially manufactured injector engine

    Known method of gas-air mixture preparation contains a typical inlet and the fuel injector’s block connected with the inlet. Having all of the advantages of the prototype, existing method of gas-air mixture preparation doesn’t offer an effective mix up of fuel components, because injectors are located too near to the inlet valves of the engine. And as consequences they do not allow burning the fuel properly inside of the combustion chamber which leads to the fuel over consumption and increase in the level of emission.

    What is Vortex Mixture Former made of and what does it offer?

    Technically the result of Vortex Mixture former is a quality made gas-air mixture produced. This result is achieved by a complex of channels located inside of the specially made metal rings inserted in the plate. Constructively the place is placed between the inlet and injectors. Rings have Laval’s shape and tangentially located one to another air channels make the air flow go in an appropriate way to form a vortex. Thus a proper mixing occurs. All parameters are selected to achieve best parameters of mixture quality.

    The description of a Vortex Mixture Former, jointed with the injection inlet (fig2.)

    fig.2 The design of Vortex Air-Gas Mixture Former (cylinder block isn’t shown) 1-inlet, 2- internal channel of the inlet, 3-vortex mixture forming part, jointed with the collector’s body 1, 4-vortex mixture former, 5- modernized Laval’s hole, 6- incoming cones of the Laval’s hole, 7-outcoming cones of the Laval’s hole, 8-internal cylinder, with tangentially located channels 9, 10-the external conical part of the mixture former, 11- half open cylinder chamber, created by the specially treated surfaces of chamber 4 and chamber2. 12- injector,13 and 14- tangentially located air channels. Т1- fuel supplied across the injector 12 Т2-a portion of fuel dozed over the feeding chambers of the Vortex mixture former. В1- main air stream coming from the receiver( not shown on the figure ) В2 –additional air stream for torturing and mixing from receiver В3-a portion of the main stream В1, fed into the chamber 11 to go throe holes 9 ТВС-air-gaz mixture. ТВС1, ТВС2 – mixture forming zones Т+В in Laval’s hole ТВС3 – Vortex made mixture ready to get supplied into the engine.

    Operation of the device on fig.2

    The device shown on fig.2 is operating as follows. The air comes inside of the working hole2 of the inlet collector1. The air is taken from the atmosphere. It goes throe the main air filter and receiver (not shown on the figure). Further this air В1 and fuel Т1 from the injector hole 12 go towards the collector 1, and get mixed partially. Then it is supplied into the vortex mixture former 3.

    The air simultaneously flows into cones 6 of the Laval’s hole 5 and partially into the half open mixing chamber 11 of the vortex mixture former 4. At the same time additional air from the atmosphere comes into this chamber coming tangentially by additional flow direction B2. Using B2 air flow fuel partially meet air vortexes B1, B2, B3 and mix up. Well mixed gas-air mixture goes further throe sloped tangential channels 9 forming aerodynamic vortex in the hole 8 of the mixer 4 where the main mixing process occurs.

    Modernized Laval’s hole 5 inserted in the vortex mixture former makes additional split up of the fuel due to double stroke of the fuel pressure in areas of input and exit. As the result of this multi stage mixture forming process fuel drops are crashed in minimal sizes and mixed up with the main stream B1 and additional streams B2 and B3. Thus homogenization occurs in two stages: it first starts in the cylinder 8 of the mixture former4 and then continues in the cones 7 of the Laval’s hole 5.

    What is the result?

    As the result of intensive mix up of the components, the homogenized fuel-air mixture is received which is closed to perfect to use on every single mode of engine’s operation.

    As a consequence of the well prepared mixture complete burn out is achieved that enable to save fuel on 20-30% increasing car dynamics significantly and reducing toxic exhaust gases emission in times.

    Photographs of the experimental Vortex Mixture Former for injection systems
    Testing experimental samples of injection Vortex Mixture Former.

    Several experimental samples of Vortex Mixture Former for injection system were made and comparative vehicle and laboratory tests have been performed.

    How test have been performed? Naturally, using portable computer we first measured initial data of the properly functioning injector engine with traditional common inlet collector on various modes of run inside of the city and on the high way. Dynamics characteristics, fuel consumption parameters and emission level data have been measured on both engines: the one, using Vortex Mixture Former and the same one, without it. Emission level was measured with the help of the “Autotest” tester

    The vehicle VAZ 211110 model was used to perform road tests. Everyday ride on distance of 50 to 400 km have been performed using various modes of driving including city driving and high way rides. Data records were made onto the working journal and statistical analysis have been made based on various types of observation data: gas quality, road type, driving mode, weather conditions etc. Vehicle tests have shown a significant decrease in fuel consumption 20 to 30%, increase in dynamics of the vehicle and decrease in emissions in 3-5 times depending on the type of gas used.

    Average fuel savings on the high way were reached 15-20% having dynamics of the engine increased by the same amount.

    Our proposals

    We are looking for investors for common collaborations in terms of development of such device for any injector cars, its further series production and jointed commerce. We offer a full package of engineering support regarding this actual device. Actual working proto samples of such Vortex Mixture Formers for several different Russian and some European cars with their technical documentation are available today.


    The fuel saving device Vortex Mixture Former for injection systems has been developed and tested on actual vehicle. This device saves fuel and improves dynamic parameters of a car by 30%. Due to increase in mixture burning completeness a series of exhaust parameters were improved as well. For example, environmental pollution decreased significantly allowing to achieve Euro 5 and Euro 6 emission requirements without expensive platinum-palladium catalyzer. The device is widely suggested to mass production and distribution.
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